Huntsville, Alabama, United States


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Huntsville, Alabama, United States

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Welcome to TWIN RIVERS, the newest premier community in the vicinity of Hunstville, Alabama. The quiet life surrounded by a lot of nature in a rustic style, but without losing access to all the comforts of a city, is what stands out in TWIN RIVERS, where you can have your own spacious, modern and independent house, perfect for your friends and loved ones to enjoy life to the fullest.

The perfect Home for you and your family!

TWIN RIVERS is a private community located in Hazel Green, 15 miles north of Huntsville, Alabama.

Its location is truly strategic and is one of its highlights, because it has the perfect distance between the wide rural areas of Hazel Green and downtown Huntsville. There, you will enjoy an unbeatable climate and privileged access to the nature that surrounds the place.


TWIN RIVERS offers perfect floorplans for those looking to have a one level ranch house, or for larger families who want something more spacious on two floors and more rooms.

The possibilities are varied, since TWIN RIVERS offers up to 10 different styles ranging from 2,058 sq ft to 3,181 sq ft, with options from 3 to 5 rooms. Best of all are its affordable prices, since from only 192,900 you can be part of this splendid community!


TWIN RIVERS offers high quality services in a rural environment, with proximity to the main thoroughfares and essential services. The nature, the charm of a small city, a strong economy and a cozy local culture, make TWIN RIVERS become a very desired option for multiple families.

TWIN RIVERS has everything you need. Here you will find nearby shops, banking facilities, hospitals, schools, shopping and entertainment centers.

All the homes are covered with a Quality Guarantee of the Builders, which supports the workforce, the mechanical systems and the structural components of the Home.

Come today to meet TWIN RIVERS and allow yourself to fall in love with your new home!

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About the Area


TWIN RIVERS is located 15 miles north of Huntsville, one of the major cities in the state of Alabama.

Huntsville has around 200,000 inhabitants and has a promising future, since it is a community in constant growth, thanks to its stable economy, good warm climate during most of the year, low population density and high expectation and quality of life.

The economy in Hunstville and Alabama in general, is based on agriculture and developed industries such as papermaking, timber, mining, automobile rubbers, plastics, chemicals, oil and gas exploration.

Among the great tourist attractions we must highlight the Marshall Space Flight Center, located about 10 miles from Huntsville; a site of excellence for space propulsion and a leading institute in the development of reusable space transportation systems in the country. There, new scientific knowledge is generated both for the nation and for NASA.

It also highlights the abundance of beautiful gardens, historic sites, natural wildlife refuges and some of the best golf courses in the country.

Map & Distances

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Closest Hospital
Hospital Drive Southwest - 19.10 mi (30.74 km)
Closest Shopping Center
Walmart Supercenter - 0.40 mi (0.64 km)


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