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What's New in Puerto Cayo: Updates on Grand Palmas

It´d been a few months since I´d talked to Sean Kelly of Grand Palmas and it was good to hear him doing well when I called him this week to get project updates. Sean is one of those guys that doesn´t really talk shop until he´s pressed. When I first met him, I remember being relieved to find a developer that was more interested to talk about their social projects in the community and the produce generated from their finca than pushing real estate at me. As my wife says, "He´s one of the good gringos."

Sean and his wife Dahiana are the faces of Grand Palmas an oceanfront development just outside of Puerto Cayo, about 4 kms north of the center of town.  Puerto Cayo is one of Ecuador´s ´sleeper´ beaches.  It doesn´t aspire to be anything it´s not, and while development seems to roll lazily along, it is home to some absolutely stunning villas and properties.  It is just a 30 minute drive from Manta, the economic heart of Manabí.


Grand Palmas features 144 lots, 2 clubhouse areas with tennis and volleyball courts, swimming pools, gym and a clubhouse, and its priced at a level that long term buyers are going to look back on it in 15 years and say wow, did we get a heck of a deal back in the day. 

But it´s not just affordable prices that speak to Grand Palmas.  These guys know what they´re doing.  This is the same group that has already produced Delfin Villas, Las Palmas, and Palmera Beach.  They´ve got an established track record, which is one of the most important things we look for when selecting projects to promote. 

So what´s new in Grand Palmas – Perhaps the most important factor is that the project is now offering financing to the tune of only 25% down with monthly payments over the next two years of $500.  For those of you just beginning your search for Ecuador real estate, 25% down is fairly unheard of here in Ecuador.  As our friends David Morrill and Bernard Uhe noted in their recent  New York Times piece – “If you have to finance, don´t come.”

Additionally, Grand Palmas is running a set of fall promotions to make buying even more enticing to celebrate their ground breaking earlier this year, with 3% off any purchases and additional $10.000 discounts off the purchase of any double lots.  

Come visit over the holiday, and see why Puerto Cayo is becoming one of Ecuador´s premier second home markets. 

...and if you buy, they´ll comp your two night stay in the luxurious Santuary Hotel. 

For more information on Grand Palmas, visit their listing on MLS-Ecuador.

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