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Propertyshelf announces coming launch of MLS Ecuador

We are pleased to announce the Propertyshelf MLS is coming to Ecuador!
Propertyshelf announces coming launch of MLS Ecuador

Ecuador Agent MLS coming this month

With the backing of a strong group of partners with years of real estate sales, construction and investment experience in the United States and Ecuador, the Ecuador MLS will couple world-class sales training with Propertyshelf’s own leading technology to revolutionize Ecuador’s real estate market.

Ecuador has rapidly become one of the world’s most popular retirement destinations.   US News ranked Ecuador’s third largest city, Cuenca, the top place in the world to retire on a budget.  And its beaches are getting plenty of attention as well.  From Salinas, just an hour from Guayaquil’s international airport, to Montanita and Bahia/Canoa further north along the Pacific, one finds beach after beach filled with pleasant nightlife, incredible biodiversity, and delicious cevicherias.  And yet with the new coastal highway opening up vast stretches of Pacific beachline, you find all the space might need to forget about the action happening just down the beach.

Customizations of our core MLS platform are now underway in order to provide a system perfectly suited for the Ecuadorean market and the live system will become available early in 2013.  For more information about the Ecuador MLS, or Ecuadorean real estate in general, check in periodically at

Are you a real estate professional interested in earning referrals on Ecuadorean property?

Sign up for our referral program, embed Costa Ricas’ and/or Ecuadors’ top properties into your own agency’s website and earn 25% of the total real estate commission through client referrals.  For more information on our referral program, check out our lead generator page.

Propertyshelf is grateful for your support as we continue to build the tools needed to save real estate professionals time and money.

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