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Manta, Ecuador – The Largest and Fastest Growing Coastal City in the Country!

It is no secret that the most in demand and sought after real estate in the world is beachfront, and the city of Manta offers it's residents high quality coastal living, with all the extras, and at a fraction of the cost of popular coastal destinations in North America and around the world.

Manta Ecuador - Murcielago Beach

The city of Manta, Ecuador is located midway along the Ecuadorian coast. It is one of the driest climates in the country and offers residents a majority of sunny days throughout the year with temperatures hovering around 75-90 degrees Fahrenheit (24-32 degrees Celsius). It is not only a popular vacation and retirement destination, but is also heavily driven by commerce and business as well as being the tuna capital of the world.

Manta is far away from the powerful yearly hurricanes that are continuing to cause more and more damage in other popular destinations from Central America to the Atlantic islands. Our world is changing, and these storms are getting stronger, but living in Manta Ecuador there are no Hurricanes, worry of evacuating, or the stress of wondering if your home is going to be standing at the end of the season. This is a very big plus and a deciding factor for a growing number of expats looking for the beach life without the risk of Hurricanes. 

Manta Builds a New Luxury Shopping Mall

Over the past few years Manta has seen a substantial increase in investment dollars pouring in from the government, as well as local and international investors. The city is currently expanding rapidly with infrastructure updates, multi-million dollar beautification projects, a port expansion and more. The city has had numerous new business ventures open their doors including luxury condo high-rises, luxury hotels, restaurants, commercial projects, upscale movie theater, a Home Depot style home improvement store, a $200 million dollar luxury shopping mall and more. Other new projects currently being brought to the area include a new cruise port terminal, expanded shipping port, new private hospitals, highways, and more.

Manta Oceanview Condo

Right now the city of Manta is in the middle of the best buyer's market we have seen in the past 5 years! With an increase in so many new luxury condominiums and beachfront housing projects, there has been a wave of new properties for sale on the open market. Because of this, developers and private sellers have all had to reduce their sales prices as well as be more open to negotiations for even more discounts and bigger savings to the consumer. Regardless of whether you are looking for a more economical escape from the high cost of living back home, a million dollar custom beach home, or something right in the middle, Manta Ecuador has something for you. Housing options can range from single family homes to luxury condominium buildings such as the ones you would find in Miami Florida. You have your choice of homes vs condos and rentals vs purchases with budgets ranging from the minimalist to the ultra luxurious.

Looking for a more laid back environment outside the city but still close enough to enjoy all the amenities that Manta provides? Check out Santa Marianita beach located about 15min to the South. This tranquil beach town is a favorite of expats looking to escape the city skyline but still be close enough to all the creature comforts that you don't want to lose.

Food and Cuisine in Manta - Encebollado

The food options in Manta are very plentiful and full of diversity. Fresh seafood, meats and organic produce can all be found for surprisingly low prices and with a great selection as well. Being a coastal city you have a fresh seafood market to enjoy where you can find anything from mahi-mahi, sea bass, crab, lobster, shrimp, sushi grade tuna and much much more. With such a diverse group of residents from all over the world now calling Manta home, you can also find some of the best and most authentic international cuisine restaurants ranging from Thai, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, North America, Argentinean, and others.

The healthcare system in Manta is very good and growing quickly. Manta is currently in the process of having multiple new hospitals constructed as well as private hospitals and other specialty medical services. One of the biggest draws of expats to Ecuador is the low cost of healthcare, and Manta offers you pretty much everything you may need.

Manta Dental Tourism

There is also a growing number of high quality dental services available to residents of Manta at incredibly low prices. New dental offices offer their patients top notch dental services with all the latest technical equipment, and in a clean English speaking environment. We have even seen a dramatic increase in the dental tourism industry due to the low cost of high quality dental procedures available here in Manta.

Additional service oriented businesses are also available to you in Manta at a discounted price. For example professional massage services can be found for only $20 per hour, nail and salon services starting at under $10 dollars, housekeeping services for $20 per day and plenty of other services to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

One of the other benefits the the city of Manta has to offer is it's own private airport which enables you to jump around and explore the rest of Ecuador with ease. Feel like jumping to Quito, Cuenca, Baños, or other great destinations for a weekend getaway? No problem, just hop on a quick flight and you are there!

Manta Ecuador Pristine Beaches

The beaches of the Manta area are beautiful and diverse, offering you anything from popular public beaches, to the more remote beaches whereby yours are the only footprints in the sand. Also within a short drive are cool places to hike, explore and discover, and even a jungle monkey tour and more. Other popular destinations such as the stunning beaches of Los Frailes, the boardwalk of Puerto Lopez, whale watching expeditions, day trips to Isla de la Plata and other local trips are all within easy driving distance.

So to summarize....

If you have been dreaming of retiring on the beach, or securing a great vacation property in a growing coastal city with plenty of creature comforts and amenities to enjoy, then the city of Manta is exactly what you have been looking for!

Manta Ocean View Condo - Beach Life


This piece has been written by guest contributor Ryan Kelly, owner and founder of Ecuador Shores Realty, located in Manta Ecuador. He and his wife have been working in the local real estate market for over 7 years and are the #1 top producing expat realty company in the area. He and his wife fell in love with the Manta Ecuador coast and have now dedicated their time to helping other expats find their dream home on this beautiful stretch of coastline. If you have any questions about Manta or the surrounding areas we recommend contacting them personally for more details. You may also find more information on their website at

*VIDEO* 2/2 New Construction beachfront!!

*VIDEO* 2/2 New Construction beachfront!!
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