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Manta Ecuador Featured on House Hunters International - Oceanside Homes

A couple and their four children are heading to Manta, Ecuador in search of an opportunity for their future beachfront home in Ecuador's affordable real estate market.

Manta Ecuador Featured on House Hunters International - Oceanside Homes

House Hunters International (HHI) on HGTV has always been at the forefront of destination living. In this episode you will see our beautiful coastline on display as the family is looking for oceanside or beachfront homes near Manta, Ecuador. Manta has the unique advantage of being able to offer beautiful beaches both in the city and in small towns outside the city with luxury home and condo options at an affordable price. If you're looking to combine the relaxed beach atmosphere with a city that offers all of the amenities and budget living, don't overlook Manta, Ecuador. 

This episode is going to be visually amazing as it will finally showcase the higher-end luxury homes of Manta, Ecuador that have not been highlighted before! If you want to see some truly gorgeous beach homes, be sure to not miss this episode!

Air Date:

Air date is Monday November 20th at 10:30pm and 21st at 1:30am.

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After a family sailing adventure in the Caribbean, a couple and their four children are heading back to Manta, Ecuador, to seize the opportunity for a future home in Ecuador's affordable real estate market. They both agree on a beachfront property with a pool, but he wants privacy out of town while her comfort level lies in town where she and the kids can interact with the locals. With Manta growing exponentially, they do have several high-end options around their price range, but the idea of the perfect home will be up for debate.

Featured MLS Agent:

We are pleased to announce that one of our MLS agents Ryan Kelly and his wife Tiffany will be featured in this episode with his agency Ecuador Shores Realty. If you like what you see in this episode, be sure to check out all of his properties on MLS-Ecuador.

Manta Ecuador Featured on House Hunters International - Oceanside Homes

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