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Featured Development: Montañita Estates

Since its founding, Montañita Estates has become a landmark in Montañita, the fastest growing beach on the Ecuadorean coast. The project is the only development located inside Montañita and is centered around the area´s leading high end hotel.

If you haven´t been to Montañita yet, you should understand that this is not your typical retirement community.  Montañita is the Hot Spot of the Ecuadorean coast.  Think Bourbon Street meets Jamaica.  In the late 90s and early 2000s the small town began to grow its reputation as a refuge for artisans and surfers to live a bohemian, carefree tropical lifestyle. Since then Montanita has grown into a vacation destination for families seeking a beautiful beach, surfers from around the world for its world class waves, and artisans for the tropical vibe and party atmosphere that often does not end until 6 in the morning.  This means steady rental income for those wishing to utilize their property for part of the year and rent it out the rest of the time.  Robby, a personal friend of mine and a man who epitomizes the dream that so many of us came to the Ecuadorean coast seeking, estimates an annual ROI of 15% for rental of these units  And he should know.  As the owner/developer he´s been running the Montañita Estates Hotel for years.

Montañita Estates is unique in that it is not for speculators.  All lots are sold with custom home contracts, designed and built by Gustavo and Christian, area developers with a proven track record and a portfolio of excellent work.  It is a gated community, but it is just blocks away from the area´s top restaurants and bars. In addition to custom homes which are over 70% sold out, Montañita Estates has 2 remaining “Terraza units” starting at $165,000.  These are 2 story efficiency units, that are perfect for vacation rentals.  The condos are a 2 story building centered around Montañita Estates central plaza, with the comercial units (starting at $42,500) located on the ground floor and condos (starting at $120,000) located upstairs. The units can be sold together or separately, and a great option for someone who is interested in living upstairs and opening a small business downstairs to keep busy and supplement their income.  You will not find a better deal on titled commercial space with Montañita.Got questions?  Contact Robby and find out why Montañita Estates is the best investment along Ecuador´s fastest growing beach/party town.

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