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Boca de Cayo, Manabí, Ecuador

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Tanusas Villas


Welcome to TANUSAS VILLAS, the first development in Boca de Cayo, an incredible pristine beach destination in the Province of Manabí, located 50 miles south of Manta. The unique experiences of Tanusas will inspire your senses. Discover the secrets of this uncharted paradise when you indulge in excursions to nearby beaches and villages. Fresh and new are some of the words to describe it. Filled with lush tropical flora all year long, this is a beach paradise that will make you fall in love. Get your dream house now in this exclusive beach development with its modern architecture and clever designs that blend with nature to make you renew your mind and body!

Exclusive Beach Community Villas For Sale in Manabí

Make this wonderful experience yours forever: delight in the gardens, magical landscapes and the relaxing sound of the ocean where you know that there is nothing compared to waking up to the sound of the birds and the waves in the tranquility of your home. This fantastic beach residence will house 87 families, featuring luxury mixed with nature where 70% of the land is designated to protect endemic vegetation and landscapes.

Designed by top architects that combine modern designs with local materials, with the purpose to offer you the comfort and coziness of a home in your very own slice of paradise. The importance that is given to nature in every corner of this development will differentiate it from anything else that you have seen or experienced.


The design of these villas is planned according to the aesthetics of the Beach Hotel and Spa seeking integration and harmony with the resort's architecture. These are also the closest to the beach, offering either beachfront or ocean view opportunities. These amazing villas will be ready in 2021, so reserve your vacation paradise now!


Choose your dream home! These villas are the next phase of this beach resort project, designed with a focus on privacy and silence and expected to be ready in 2023. Each homeowner will enjoy the beach just steps away from the door, and the relaxing ocean sounds from the privacy of their own homes with a cocktail pool and spacious outdoor areas in order to invite friends and family. The villas' design continues with the concept of large gardens and green areas, creating an ambiance centered around the connection with nature. With designs that evoke an ethnic and culturally rich environment combined with the use of modern elements, these concepts are brought to life using local materials such as bamboo, tagua palm, and natural wood.


Luxury private villas surrounded by nature and green areas. As this wonderful beach resort expands, the lagoon and forest villas are the future, projected for 2025. Choose the lot that you want starting from 1000 m2 (10,700 sq. ft.) and one of the outstanding designs that can be customized to your needs, with designs that protect the privacy and intimacy of the home. One of the best parts is that the standards used for construction are meant to reduce the carbon footprint compared to traditional construction methods. Every house is guaranteed to have views of the tropical rain forest since nature plays a major role, and a majority of the land will be dedicated to endemic vegetation.

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Project Map

Project Master Plan - Tanusas Villas


About the Area

Tanusas Villas

TANUSAS VILLAS is located a few minutes away from countless adventures, such as the best scuba diving and whale watching at the exotic Isla de la Plata, kayaking in the rough Boca de Cayo streams, hiking through the paradise of a humid forest in Canta Gallo, mountain biking through the hills of Chongon-Colonche, and much more which allows you to escape and free your spirit.

Another feature of our community is Tanusas Retreat & Spa. This hotel has gained a high level of prestige, providing a variety of luxury services perfectly in tune with nature. Tanusas began in 2012 promising an environment dedicated to quality services & amenities, environmental preservation, and extended sustainability as well as a unique community charm. Along with the hotel comes an on-site culinary experience offering the highest quality gastronomy through the restaurant BocaValdivia. Award winning Chef Rodrigo Pacheco was trained in France and has worked in restaurants that received three Michelin stars, which is a prestigious honor symbolizing culinary excellence. Chef Rodrigo Pacheco utilizes fruits in the tropical dry forest, growing his own cacao in the cloud forest, fishing and collecting shellfish in the mangroves, and working with indigenous communities to discover ingredients that have never been applied to fine dining. The gastronomic proposal in BocaValdivia is pure creativity. We serve delicacies with an ocean view. There are many privileges attached to living in a community with a hotel that has a passion for quality service, from room service at your door step, flight and transportation arrangements, concierge, property management, and much more.


We take pride in our local community and the culture & traditions that make life so much more exciting. Long ago in these magical lands the Valdivia culture lived, one of the oldest settlements recorded in the history of the Americas. The Valdivia settlement emerged from the earlier Las Vegas culture and thrived on the peninsula between 3500 and 1800 BC, passing along through generations the great spirit of creativity to our people.

We embrace a rich culture full of traditions that are kept alive to this day through artistic expressions. We value the techniques passed down through generations for creating beautiful pottery and maintain our identity as some of the most spectacular straw hat weavers in the world. We treasure our land that offers the finest coffee and are thankful for the hard work of the farmer that brings this aroma to our doorstep.

The values and richness of our culture inspire us to continue the line of creativity through nature. We have inherited a true connection to nature to be shared and explored with others who share our philosophy of life.

Map & Distances

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Closest Airport
Eloy Alfaro - 59.00 km (36.66 mi)
Closest Hospital
Hospital General de Manta - 56.00 km (34.80 mi)
Closest Shopping Center
Mall del Pacífico - 67.00 km (41.63 mi)
Closest Bank/ATM
Banco de Pichincha - 36.00 km (22.37 mi)
Closest Gas Station
Gasolinera Petrolrios - 9.00 km (5.59 mi)

Meet the Developers

Samih Sawiris

Samih Sawiris

Tanusas was born in 2012 when Samih Sawiris and his wife Goya Gallagher built their Beach House in Boca de Cayo-Manabí, after meeting Dayra Reyes and Rodrigo Pacheco, who bring the vital energy and life - philosophy to the project, they decided to turn it into a Boutique Hotel with a focus on well-being and sustainable development. Tanusas features for its 70% of the total land area destined to natural landscapes, the conservation and recovery of endemic flora and fauna of the location. “Our vision extends beyond the limits of Tanusas, our purpose is focused on protecting the environment, creating positive social impact and immersing people in unique experiences through nature connection” When you invest in Tanusas, you become an active participant in this vision. Samih is a visionary man who has been transforming and leading developments of integrated cities for more than twenty years in more than 7 countries, currently committed for the first time in Ecuador to create a real estate - hotel destination entirely dedicated to sustainability.


Tanusas Villas

Boca de Cayo, Manabí
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