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Welcome to the Gates of Heaven

Olon, Santa Elena, Ecuador

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With great respect and peace, welcome to the gates of Heaven in Olón. In harmony with nature, Shanti Mandir offers panoramic ocean views, north/south and tropical vistas.

Hand in Hand with Nature

The spirit of serenity awaits in a gated community overlooking the ocean and surrounding hills and valleys. Shanti Mandir features multiple green areas and outdoor social settings. Wide, expansive and hard-packed gravel roadways over gentle inclines allows for 2 way traffic throughout, the first of its kind in Olón.

With sites ranging from 725m2 to 2000m2, Shanti Mandir is committed to keeping population density low, maintaining a natural ambiance throughout the community. And located just 3 kms north of Montanita, you will never have far to travel to experiences some of Ecuador`s best restaurants and beach style nightlife. It is no surprise that retirees and young people alike from all over the world have come to take notice of Playa Olón. There is just no place on earth like it.

All water and electric services are available on the property - owner assumes cost for bringing them onto their individual lot.

Come and experience the soothing waves of Shanti Mandir. Topographical plans available on request

Properties Available

About the Area


Along the Ruta del Spondylus, Ecuador: a place where you can awake to exotic, colorful birds singing their early morning songs. Do you long for leisurely strolls along an endless beach of silken sand, blissfully in the moment gathering sand dollars and seashells while watching the humpback whales breach and frolic just offshore? Or maybe you crave the adventure of a trip into the nearby jungle to swing from zip-lines, and to explore ancient Inca ruins. Surfers come to catch one of the best breaks in South America, just 5 minutes away. Perhaps you want to be pampered with soothing spa treatments, and are looking for rejuvenation using holistic (yet ancient) natural healing techniques.

Welcome to Olón, Ecuador, a tranquil fishing village situated along the 10 mile “Ruta del Spondylus” (formerly known as the “Ruta del Sol”); one degree south of the Equator, along the Pacific Coast of Ecuador.

This is an adventurers’ delight. This tropical paradise includes wild horses running on the beach, iguanas lounging about, and birds of every color imaginable. Intrepid explorers will melt into this environment and need not pack much more than a bathing suit, cover-up, and sturdy hiking shoes.

Along the beach of Olón are a number of outdoor cabanas that offer heaping plates of daily fresh seafood prepared to your request (along with generous amounts of rice and fried plantains) and a large beer for less than $6.00. Or if you desire, wait for the night fishing boats to return with their haul of 9” prawns to grill on your own BBQ.

Map & Distances

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Closest Airport
Jose Joaquin de Olmedo (Guayaquil) - 165.00 km (102.53 mi)
Closest Hospital
Hospital de Santa Elena - 57.00 km (35.42 mi)
Closest Shopping Center
Paseo Shopping (La Libertad) - 54.00 km (33.55 mi)
Closest Bank/ATM
Montañita - 3.40 km (2.11 mi)
Closest Gas Station
Manglaralto - 7.00 km (4.35 mi)

Meet the Developers

Raul Patricio Espinoza

Raul Patricio Espinoza

Owner / Dueño

Patricio served for over 25 years in building construction projects in rural communities for the local population. His area of expertise is environmental sanitation. He and his wife Marcya split their time between Cuenca Ecuador and beautiful Olón. Patricio is a civil engineer with a Masters degree in Environmental Sanitation. He attended the Universidad Estatal de Cuenca.

Todd  Hebert

Todd Hebert

Sales & Marketing

Todd Hebert has been a coastal property owner since 2007. He developed and manages the company Ecuafriendly specializing in vacation rentals and property management. For the past 5 years Todd has had extensive experience as a local facilitator between the Ecuadorian community and Expats. Todd is a strong promoter of green living and protecting the country and national heritage for Ecuadoreans.

Project Updates

Project Updates



Shant Mandir began work on their development located in the Comuna of Olón in 2014, after receiving all applicable permits from the Municipio of Santa Elena. The project was broken into 3 phases with basic works scheduled for each.

1st Phase – Advancing the Project

In the first phase, the lots were cleaned, the streets cleared and hard-packed. Currently 40% of lots have sold or reserved. Additionally studies were completed to assure water could be adequately supplied and electricity could be provided. Construction of the front gate and guardian area have also been completed.


The development has completed water and electrical studies and we are now in the process of building water and electrical lines that will run alongside each street throughout Shanti Mandir. Actual infrastructure installation will be extended during the various phases of the project. Water and electrical service will be completed in the first phase by August 15 of the present year. Costs of the internal network of wáter and electricity are assumed by the developers, while buyers will be responsible for the additional cost of bringing these services from the nearest access point on site. Additionally curbs and drainage will be installed to manage excess rainwater during the rainy season.

Green Spaces and Common Areas

Shanti Mandir will offer over 4800m2 of green space and common areas, which will be developed once we have completed the installation of all basic infrastructure services.


In the upcoming months, we will be offering to 2 types of model homes (between 1,076 sq ft - 1,937 sq ft). Construction of these beautiful eco homes will be available as an add-on purchase for any interested buyers. Stay tuned for more info…


Shanti Mandir

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