Ayampe, Manabí, Ecuador

La Reserva Manabí

An Oceanview Community in Ayampe, Ecuador

Ayampe, Manabí, Ecuador

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La Reserva Manabí


Imagine waking up to a tranquil rainforest that meets the ocean on the central coast of Ecuador, in a self-contained paradise where you can walk to the beach and surf world-class waves. This is LA RESERVA MANABI, an eco-community located on 70 acres with many unique home locations. The community offers to each home location a panoramic view of the coastline. Lot sizes start at 500 m2 upwards to 5000 m2 Prices from $70 m2!!!

Communal Area - Restaurant/Lodge

La Reserva Manabi is a brand-new ocean view community located on the coast of majestic Ayampe, Ecuador. Home to humpback whales, bird sanctuaries housing one of the smallest hummingbirds in the world, and year-round surf, Ayampe is truly an amazing jewel. The local village, nestled on one of Ecuador’s most scenic beach paradises is home to a few hundred people and still upholds the nostalgia of old Ecuador. The economy here is based on natural resources, primarily fishing and farming, as well as a new, flourishing tourism. Not only will you be captivated by the epic scenery, you will also experience the presence of natural energy unlike anywhere else along Ecuador's coast. Ayampe offers the perfect stage for La Reserva Manabi, the new green community located in the lush, rolling, tropical hillsides with amazing panoramic ocean vistas.

The founders of La Reserva Manabi recognize Ayampe’s unique biodiversity and eco minded community and are intent on preserving the natural landscape. La Reserva Manabi is gently stepping into the area with a fresh new approach, offering low-impact development practices with a concentrated focus on building and maintaining the pristine beauty of the existing land. The roots and priorities of this innovative new community are integrated in creating sustainable building and living practices. With consideration of the ecosystem of Ayampe, a minimum of 35% of La Reserva Manabi will be considered green area. The green areas will include options for recreation such as hiking, jogging, mountain biking and even micro-farming. Many of the homes built in the community will be constructed from natural materials such as bamboo and local indigenous hard woods. The community will also utilize low lighting techniques, which will include light poles no taller than 1 meter to reduce light pollution, as well as the option to reuse “grey water” for permaculture techniques on individual properties.

Under construction right now within the La Reserva Manabi community is a new eco retreat center called Wild Child Village. Discretely tucked in the canyon for privacy and solitude, Wild Child Village will be the Premier Eco-Retreat Center in Ayampe, combining wellness, adventure, and education. This unique, one-of-a-kind modular design based on Native American teepees is built solely with bamboo, rope, recycled materials, and native hardwoods that allow the structure to become an element that eventually grows into the environment. Wild Child Village will feature the latest in sustainable practices, renewable technology and permaculture design. Featuring wellness and yoga retreats, sustainability workshops, weddings, bird watching and surf adventures, Wild Child Village will curate all-inclusive retreats designed to help unplug, de-stress and recharge you on your life’s journey. Some of the green technology utilized by Wild Child Village includes solar panels, grey water system, biogas, compostable toilets and organic gardens. The property also has bananas, papaya, coffee, cacao, moringa, avocados, mango, kale and other fruits, vegetables and herbs growing throughout the village.

La Reserva Manabi and Wild Child Village are excited to present a greener approach to development and lifestyle in Ayampe. Come, and see for yourself why La Reserva Manabi is quickly becoming a premier destination for a new green, sustainable living community.

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About the Area

La Reserva Manabí

Ayampe is a small town about 30 minutes north from Montañita, situated on the main coastal road of the Ruta del Sol. The town is in the middle of a micro-climate where the rainforest comes down to the ocean. This gives it a unique climate not found anywhere else on the southern Ecuador beach coast.

Ayampe is becoming popular for many foreigners. The entire town has a population of a few hundred people. Ayampe’s economy is based heavily on natural resources such as cacao, bananas, coffee, etc. The main source of water is Rio Ayampe which originates deep in the jungle and dumps into the pacific ocean in the heart of town.

If you are the adventurous type, thirty minutes north is the fishing village of Puerto Lopez, where you can book day trips to one of Ecuador's most beautiful beaches, Los Frailes, swim in the mineral pool at Agua Blanca - the site of one of South America's most ancient civilizations, the Monteño - or take a boat tour to Isla de la Plata, to see the blue-footed boobies and migrating humpback whales.

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Closest Airport
Eloy Alfaro International Airport - 100.00 km (62.14 mi)
Closest Hospital
Hospital General Jipijapa - 25.00 km (15.53 mi)
Closest Shopping Center
Marcimex - 25.00 km (15.53 mi)
Closest Bank/ATM
Marcimex - 25.00 km (15.53 mi)
Closest Gas Station
Marcimex - 25.00 km (15.53 mi)


La Reserva Manabí

Ayampe, Manabí, Ecuador
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