Puerto Santa Ana - Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador


Live in a sustainable building that is out of this world, where art and design are the result of local and European influences

Puerto Santa Ana - Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador

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YOO Guayaquil residential development, is an incredible 44-story building, designed by the prestigious firm, YOO Inspired, by Philippe Starck. YOO has been a pioneer and one of the largest firms in the world specialized in design and lifestyle. The YOO building is located on the horizon of the port of Santa Ana, one of the areas with the highest added value in Guayaquil, Ecuador. It has more than 500 residential condos for sale in Guayaquil, its spectacular design is a combination of the traditional with a modern and innovative design in the area, presenting a different proposal in the real estate industry. The YOO building considers people's quality of life, its original design focuses on your comfort with an emphasis on a conscious life, a totally sustainable project that generates benefits for the environment as well as for its residents, a unique experience in which you can take part and let yourself be captivated by its surroundings and the incredible scenes that the city of Guayaquil has to offer, a spectacular port city that you can enjoy and admire every day.

YOO GUAYAQUIL - Santa Ana Guayaquil

🏢 Design and sustainability

The YOO Guayaquil residential community has been developed by Uribe Schwarzkopf, it will be THE new skyscraper, designed by the worldwide known firm YOO, Inspired by Philippe Starck, together they have made YOO Guayaquil one of their 85 residential projects, incorporating the local culture with a modern twist, with a focus on lifestyle, environmental commitment, with the purpose of improving the quality of life of its residents. The design of the YOO Guayaquil building is inspired by contemporary architecture highly influenced by the architectural history of the city, its arches are a fusion between the local colonial architecture of the area and the European style, its native vegetation in the form of a waterfall combines with the beautiful landscape that surrounds this fabulous project, strategic location and large windows allow natural lighting in which you can enjoy the views of both the city and the boardwalk. YOO Guayaquil is a beautiful, elegant and sustainable design that seeks the benefit implementing:

♻️ Efficiency in water consumption

♻️ Efficiency in energy consumption

♻️ CO2 reductions

♻️ Comprehensive waste management

♻️ Bioclimatic Design

✨ Amenities

YOO Guayaquil is located in the port of Santa Ana, an excellent area of growth and added value, you will have nearby the services you need, it also offers different quality amenities, which stand out for their elegant design and architecture that flows with soft curves that create a harmonious and welcoming environment, using natural materials generates a sensation of warmth and panorama that it offers to its residents, to create a unique environment and thinking mainly about the quality of life, the multiple amenities of the YOO building seeks that you have everything you need in the same place where you live, without traveling to distant places, comforts that you can enjoy such as:

✔️ Pool

✔️ Children's pool

✔️ Sun Lounge

✔️ Restaurant

✔️ Spa - (Hydromassage, Sauna, Turkish)

✔️ Pet Spa

✔️ Gym

✔️ Game Room

✔️ Kids Room

✔️ Rooftop

✔️ Outdoor Dining

✔️ Lounge & Games

✔️ Party Room

✔️ BBQ

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About the Area


Guayaquil is the economic capital of Ecuador, a rapidly growing city, considered one of the largest cities in Latin America, an important center of commerce and business known as “The Pearl of the Pacific”. Guayaquil is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and on the banks of the Guayas River. As a coastal city, it has a tropical climate and is an important port of Ecuador. The beautiful city of Guayaquil is also known as the gateway to the beaches of the Pacific, it is also an incredible cultural and entertainment center, it preserves its historical part where you can enjoy museums, visit its architectural part such as the administration square, the metropolitan cathedral and visit other natural places such as the Malecón, the iguanas park, the rocks, the hills of Santa Ana among others.

The port of Santa Ana where the YOO project is located, is one of the most important and outstanding areas of Guayaquil, located at the foot of the Santa Ana hill, it is a sector of great added value and has become a tourist center thanks to its gastronomic proposal of the place, also the different shopping centers, entertainment centers, the recommended Guayaquil boardwalk where you can enjoy fabulous views of the Guayas River and among others. activities that you can do, Santa Ana a perfect option to live and invest in a special and perfect place in the main port of Ecuador

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