Gonzalez Suarez - Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

Modern Urban Condos

Condos for Sale In Upscale District of Quito-Bold Architectural Designs

Gonzalez Suarez - Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

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Modern Urban Condos


This incredible modern, urban condo tower is a unique place to live. Each corner of this place has been designed to create an amazing living space, with exquisite interior design that connects you to the elements of the Earth. Choose the final design of your dream home: vivid earth, breezy air or eclectic fire. These elegant condos are located in the exclusive area of González Suárez in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. With beautiful common areas, all inspired by nature, you can enjoy the pool, spa and an open-air cinema on the rooftop among others.

Cutting Edge Architecture

Designed by world-renowned architects and designers with projects in Ecuador and all over the world, these condos are meant to be vibrant spaces, ready for you to call them your new home. Condos with amazing views of the city and spacious terraces that expand from the living room are what you can expect. Choose your one or two-bedroom condo from three different designs. Each one is unique and has a single theme of the basic elements found in nature combining different textures and materials to create elegant atmospheres inside.

• Vivid Earth: The principal inspiration for this design is nature, with materials such as wood and stone play an important role, filled with warm colors and earth tones, keeping a modern and clean concept, without missing the cozy feeling of home.

• Breezy Air: Natural light is the main character in the "breezy air" condo, playing with architectural lines to create a smooth, serene and peaceful place to live in, filled with white and soft colors.

• Eclectic Fire: This is an energetic and vibrant design, full of several patterns and different materials that create an element of surprise, resulting in a creative and passionate atmosphere.

The social area has been just as thoughtfully designed as the rest of the building. Inspired by nature, the outdoor cinema is a mini forest on the 21st floor, where you can enjoy the sunset or a movie night in the open air. The spa has a mirror with waterfalls creating the illusion of a rain forest inside the building. Built with the environment in mind, looking to reduce carbon footprint, the building uses green terraces to reduce the heat of large cities, smart lights with movement sensors, and plant covers that act as thermal isolation. Residents will have full access to the pool, sports court, fitness center, yoga deck, special areas for children and teens, a dining room and a meeting room. Come and be part of this magical experience. These creative designs will transport you to a dream place from the moment you step into the lobby.

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About the Area

Located in the parish of González Suárez, this is one of the highest points of Quito, with an urban and modern atmosphere. With views of the city and mountains covered in snow, you will never get bored in this metropolitan city. It is culturally rich with museums and innovative architecture, and a well preserved historic center to visit.

Gonzalez Suarez has everything: it's near to the financial district, coffee shops, and you can enjoy diverse gastronomy with the best restaurants, boutique cafes and more. It is also only a 5-minute walk away from Guápulo, this eccentric neighborhood known for its colonial architecture, antique houses and a bohemian vibe with pubs and restaurants.

Travel back in time, and Quito was founded by the Spanish in the 16th century and is considered a World Heritage Site with one of the most well preserved Historic Districts in Latin America. Just 15 minutes away from the towers, visit one of the most iconic pieces of colonial architecture, with baroque and indigenous influence. Given the fact that Quito was built on the ruins of an Incan city, the results were unique and the art movement of the "Baroque School of Quito" was born. Visit the churches and monasteries which until now are vivid examples of this exquisite art, and get to know the beginnings of a diverse new culture that is Latin America.

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