Bellavista - Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador


Condos for sale in Bellavista, one of the most desirable residential areas in Quito!

Bellavista - Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

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Bordering Quito's Metropolitan Park, which is considered the lung of the city, the MONTANA GARDENS community is born, a real estate development that offers each of its owners the best quality of life, with 17 unique condo units, ranging from one to three bedrooms. Modern architecture is incorporated with an environmentally friendly approach while providing private and spacious areas that have easy access to areas full of natural elements.


MONTANA GARDENS is a modern five-story building with a total of 17 condos available. Built with the highest quality materials, with a sober design that allows the natural light to fill in the areas, a contemporary architecture that commits to modern demands and is truthful to its beliefs since the entire community was designed to decrease the environmental cost. Because of this, you can find vital characteristics such as a water recollection system from the rain to optimize the hydraulic resources, water-saving taps, green terraces, and a water heater with no CO2 emissions.


MONTANA GARDENS has top amenities for its residents to enjoy, such as lounge, pool, natural terrace gardens, gym, playroom for kids, and pet-friendly areas. It also has co-working spaces for those who are looking to balance the demanding modern lifestyle between work and family.


Be one of the exclusive owners of an exclusive community, this is one of the best developments that you can find in Quito. Contact us now and book your appointment to see for yourself the condos that everybody is talking about.

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About the Area


The Bellavista neighborhood is located at the hilltop of Cerro Guangüiltagua and was founded more than 70 years ago, it is one of the most important and recognized residential areas in the city of Quito.

Bellavista lives up to its name due to its privileged location, easy access to immense green areas, and natural environments full of life. The area enjoys a renowned viewpoint from which it is possible to observe part of the Andes Mountain Range and elevations such as the Atacazo Volcano or the Pichincha Volcano, among others.

In its beginnings, the area was mostly rural, where large extensions of land were dedicated to country activities. Little by little its population grew, starting with a picturesque colonial architecture typical of downtown Quito, and now, a modern and dynamic city; without sacrificing the green spaces full of life, such as the Guangüiltagua Metropolitan Park, one of the largest parks in the city, with native flora and introduced plants, such as eucalyptus.

In the Bellavista neighborhood, culture is lived with full splendor, highlighting attractions such as the museum of Capilla del Hombre, which was the former home of the famous Ecuadorian painter and sculptor Oswaldo Guayasamín, and now is part of the Guayasamín Foundation.

Map & Distances

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Closest Airport
Mariscal Sucre International Airport - 37.00 km (22.99 mi)
Closest Hospital
Cruz Blanca Clinic - 0.90 km (0.56 mi)
Closest Shopping Center
Megamaxi 6 de Diciembre - 1.50 km (0.93 mi)
Closest Bank/ATM
Pichincha - 1.00 km (0.62 mi)
Closest Gas Station
Shell Amazonas - 1.50 km (0.93 mi)


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