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Los Algarrobos is a residential development created to incorporate ecological principles and aesthetics into a comfortable and elegant living experience in harmony with nature. The beautiful community of Los Algarrobos is located on the coast of Manabí just 1.3 miles north of the quaint fishing village of Puerto López. Los Algarrobos has direct access to the beach, an extensive view of the whole bay and is next to the entrance of a national park for those looking to live a life in contact with nature. Los Algarrobos is made so that, working together with our team of experts, you can create the home of your dreams. The residents will have access to professional design services based on ecological and bio-climatic concepts that allow you to build in harmony with nature.

A Beautiful Ocean View


★ Location:

Los Algarrobos is located just 1.3 miles from the center of the quiet town of Puerto López. It offers a desirable setting on the more exclusive section of the beach. This part of the beach is an area of secluded hotels and forested sand dunes covered in mangroves and manzanillo trees. The site is also at a higher elevation than the beach, so as to ensure protection against high tides. From here you can enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean and the entire bay.

This region of the Ecuadorian coast is defined by its natural beauty and is sparsely populated. Most of the surrounding area of Puerto Lopez, about 170,000 acres of forests and marine ecosystems, is protected by the Machalilla National Park. However, since it is also a tourist destination, the town has a diverse selection of restaurants as well as recreation, sports, and cultural activities.

★ Ecological Designs:

The lots, developed on approximately 1.6 acres, have been thoughtfully designed with careful respect for the nature, incorporating native vegetation. The 10 lots are enclosed with natural materials and include excellent infrastructure with water, electricity, and public lighting. Sewage systems will be built on each home site. The street is paved and will be flanked by a tunnel of native trees planted along channels specifically designed to retain the rainwater for irrigation.

★ Individual Lots:

Los Algarrobos has 10 lots in total, with 8 of these adequately sized for single family homes. Ranging from 3,670 square feet to 5,780 square feet, all of them have a partial ocean view with the exception of Lot #5 which has a direct view to the ocean. In these lots, you will have the opportunity to custom design the home to your specifications. The larger lots are also big enough to build a small guest house as well as the principal house.

★ Prime Lots:

We have set aside the two largest lots about ¼ acre each that are well suited for a small condominium project, boutique suites, or your own luxury residence, taking advantage of the extra security from building inside of a gated community with security guards, gardens, and all of the basic infrastructure in place. Its desirable location allows you to enjoy a beautiful ocean view in one of the most beautiful sites of the whole region. It's an investment you will always appreciate.

★ Additional Services:

We have a team of architects and construction professionals at your disposal with the ability to create the home of your dreams. We offer bio-climatic and eco-friendly designs so that your home is in harmony with nature, creating a more sustainable living experience. We are able to facilitate the construction with local materials, and our efforts will ensure a smooth process, guided by honest professionals, with the most sustainable materials at competitive prices.

We can also facilitate maintenance and property management if you are interested in renting your home. This is your chance to create the home you’ve always wanted and join this new progressive community.

Ask us about some of our concept designs ready for construction or come talk to us about your own idea. We would love to work with you to design your dream project!

Properties Available

Project Map

Project Master Plan - Los Algarrobos


About the Area


The province of Manabí with its 320 km of beautiful beaches makes this region one of the most visited by local and foreign tourists, with spas of all types across its coast. The gastronomy of the region is one of the best in the country using the freshest ingredients, including tropical fruits, fresh fish and seafood.

Puerto López is a beautiful town that has grown into a destination for tourism due to its nature and cultural activities. Within the national park, the island of Isla de La Plata, located 26 miles off shore from Puerto Lopez, is the habitat of several bird species also found in the Galapagos Islands. In its pristine waters you can dive with giant manta rays and sea turtles. The humpback whales make their annual trip from the Antarctic to mate and give birth here, providing a magnificent spectacle enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year. According to the Pacific Whale Foundation this is one of the best whale watching sites in the world.

Puerto Lopez is well connected with two important cities: it is a three hour drive south along the Ruta Spondylus, the coastal scenic route, to reach Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest and most vibrant city, while the port city of Manta lies one a half hours to the north.

In close proximity, you can find wonderful attractions such as the beautiful beaches of Los Frailes, only a 15 minute drive away and part of the national park, and the indigenous community of Agua Blanca, with its own archaeological museum and community-preserved archaeological site. It also has an idyllic natural pool containing sulfuric healing waters. Ayampe, an international surfing destination, is only 15 minutes to the south.


Archaeological Museum of Salango

Museum of Agua Blanca

For Tourism y Recreation:


Excursions to Los Frailes beach, Agua Blanca community, Horseback riding through the humid forest with howler monkey sightings, Whale watching and tours to Isla de la Plata in National Park Machalilla.


Scuba diving, Whale watching and tours to Isla de la Plata in National Park Machalilla.

Map & Distances

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Closest Airport
Manta Airport - Eloy Alfaro - 99.00 km (61.52 mi)
Closest Hospital
Hospital Jipijapa - 57.00 km (35.42 mi)
Closest Shopping Center
Mall del Pacifico, Manta - 103.00 km (64.00 mi)
Closest Bank/ATM
Banco Pichincha - 3.00 km (1.86 mi)
Closest Gas Station
Petro Rios Gas Station - 2.50 km (1.55 mi)

Meet the Developers

Gustavo González

Gustavo González


He obtained his title of Architect at the University of Cuenca, Ecuador.

He studied Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned a Master’s degree (MLA) in 1990, and completed residency studies for the PhD in Environmental Planning in 1995.

He has participated in projects of Environmental Planning, Landscape and Urban Design in micro and macro scales. He has served in executive positions in environmental organizations in Ecuador and the United States, and in Ecuadorian government entities. He was a consultant to the World Bank on Urban Environmental Management.


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